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Video Shows Car Crash Into Brockton Gas Pump, Sparking Fire

BROCKTON (CBS) – No one was hurt in a frightening crash at a gas station in Brockton overnight.

A driver in a Subaru Impreza pulled into the Prime Gas Station on North Montello Street just before midnight. When he backed up to get closer to the gas pump, he told police he lost control of the car and it ran over the pump, which instantly burst into flames.

brockton gas pump crash fire
(Image credit: Brockton Fire)

The car did not catch on fire.  The driver pulled away, parked across the street and called 911. The entire incident was recorded on surveillance video.

The automatic shut off system immediately halted the flow of gas to the pumps and firefighters quickly put out the flames with fire extinguishers preventing it from becoming a much more serious situation.

The 57-year-old driver, who has not been identified, is not facing any charges. He told police he borrowed the car and was not familiar with it.

The store manager was shocked when he saw the video.

"I thought it's going to be a lot of big damage," Abdul Assita told WBZ-TV.

The gas station will be closed until the repairs are finished.

"We don't know right know, they have to replace the pump, get approved by the fire department," Assita said.

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