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Cambridge Police Warn Residents After Rash Of Break-Ins

CAMBRIDGE (CBS) - It's a slow and thorough process, door after door, but Cambridge Police want to reach everyone they can, face to face.

They are flooding the Cambridgeport area with information about a rash of recent break-ins. There have been 28 break-ins in the neighborhood since May.

"We have investigators and officers just to get the message out the best we can," Lt. Steve Donahue says.

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Thieves are getting in through open windows, or where the air conditioner units are placed, even open doors.

Police even point out the problems they see when they reach someone's home.

Beth Walsh has lived in the area for years, she says she always reminds her tenants to shut windows, in fact, she never leaves her fans in the window when she isn't there.

"I have a window fan in my apartment and if I'm not in the room, I close the window and put locks on to keep window from being opened," Walsh says.

Little things, that police say can make a big difference when it comes to your safety. Police will be back out Thursday night going door to door handing out safety flyers.

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