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Cambridge Banning Foam Food Containers

CAMBRIDGE (AP) — Another Boston-area city is banning foam food containers from its restaurants.

Starting on Thursday, Cambridge will prohibit businesses from serving food or drinks in single-use, disposable polystyrene containers. City officials say the material isn't biodegradable, is hard to recycle and according to some studies can leach harmful chemicals into food and beverages.

Prohibited items under the ban include foam cups and hinged food containers commonly used in takeout orders. The city is urging businesses to use reusable or recyclable containers instead. Foam containers can still be used to package raw uncooked meat, fish or eggs.

Cambridge's city council approved the ban last year. It follows other Massachusetts communities that have banned foam containers, including Somerville and Brookline. Similar bans have been approved in Washington, D.C., Minneapolis and other U.S. cities.

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WBZ NewsRadio 1030's Doug Cope reports

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