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Rental Car Company Refunds Fees After Call For Action Team Intervenes

BOSTON (CBS) -- Karen Chase and her husband paid $248 to for a 4-day rental to drive across Spain. That price was supposed to include insurance too. But, when they picked up the car in Spain they were told if they wanted insurance they'd have to pay extra.

"So, the only resolution, at that time, was from RentalCars telling us 'can you just pay for insurance now and we'll reimburse you for it later.' "

The couple paid the money and continued on their trip.

The rental car Karen Chase paid for ended up costing her almost six times the original price (Courtesy Photo)

When they got home they had even more surprise charges, "We got our credit card bill in the mail for our trip and realized that suddenly there were a number of charges on the bill that didn't make sense," explained Karen.

Along with the insurance mix-up, the couple changed the drop-off time for the car two different times.

Instead of adjusting the cost of the rental Karen tells us the company charged them for a brand new rental each time. "And we ended up paying close to $1,600 for this car."

That's more than 6 times the original price the couple had paid online.

Karen Chase looks back at pictures of her trip to Spain (WBZ-TV)

Initially, the company did reimburse them for a few hundred dollars but then stopped communicating.

"I am so mad that they've taken my money, and were not getting back. I thought if I can't do it the I-Team can," Karen told us.

When the I-Team's Call 4 Action reached out to the company took immediate action saying quote "...there appears to have been some miscommunication between us and the customer regarding the additional charges. We want to ensure that the situation is resolved and that the customer is satisfied with the outcome." Well, she is, "blown away... because you got the job done. And we were fully reimbursed."

If you've hit a wall with a consumer issue reach out to the I-Team's Call 4 Action at 617-787-7070 or send an email to

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