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Buy Or Sell: Will Isaiah Thomas Still Be A Celtic After Next Season?

BOSTON (CBS) -- It was a Buy or Sell Monday as Adam Jones and Nick Cattles covered a variety of topics related to Boston sports in The Game of Jones. Among them: Isaiah Thomas' future as a Celtic, Marcus Smart's shooting percentage, Chris Sale's strikeout numbers, and the job security of both Tom Brady (secure) and John Farrell (not so secure).

The questions, and Jones' answers, are below.

Buy or Sell: Marcus Smart will shoot 40 percent or better from the field in game 4

"Oh please. I sell," said Jones. "I don't think [40 percent]'s an outrageous number, but ... if [Smart] comes back and has another four- or six-point game like he did in the first two, that wouldn't shock me in the least."

Buy or Sell: Isaiah Thomas will be a Boston Celtic by the end of the 2017-18 season

"I buy that he should be, and I buy that he will be," said Jones. "I think it's so hard to find a guy that can be All-NBA, you can't let them go when you have them here. Even if the future looks bright for Jaylen Brown or Markelle Fultz or the 2018 Brooklyn pick ... you can't just be letting All-NBA players walk."

Buy or Sell: Chris Sale will break Pedro Martinez's Red Sox record of 313 strikeouts in a single season

"I sell this," said Jones. "I can't imagine Sale keeps this up. I know that Pedro wasn't exactly a 250-inning workhorse, but I just don't trust that Sale can keep this up, whereas Pedro's numbers are already on the books."

Buy or Sell: John Farrell will survive the 2017 season as Red Sox manager

"Oh I sell that," said Jones. "I don't know how the guy's still here. I honestly feel like talking about Claude Julien with John Farrell. It's a little similar."

Buy or Sell: Tom Brady will be the Patriots' starting quarterback in Sept. 2018

"I buy that he's still the guy in 2018," said Jones. "He's not falling off a cliff. He's not getting hurt. Garoppolo's not passing him by. Bill's not trading him - I don't think - in any of these scenarios."

Listen to the full podcast below:

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