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Buster Olney lists Red Sox as potential Aaron Judge landing spot

BOSTON -- Here in Boston, much of the unease hanging over the current season involves the uncertain futures of Xander Bogaerts (free agent after this season) and Rafael Devers (free agent after the 2023 season) in Boston. Down in New York, where the Yankees seemingly win every single game they play, there's similar distress about Aaron Judge.

The 30-year-old is in the midst of one of his best seasons ever, with a 1.022 OPS and an MLB-leading 25 home runs for the Pinstripes. But Judge, of course, is also in the final year of his deal. And after he turned down the Yankees' $213.5 million deal before the season, there's reason to believe this could be his final season in the Bronx.

With that in mind, ESPN's Buster Olney laid out seven potential landing spots for Judge, should he hit free agency in the coming winter. Surprisingly, the Red Sox were in that group.

Here's how Olney explained it:

Why might Boston owner John Henry get involved with Judge? Because he's responsible for the trade of [Mookie] Betts; greenlighted the offer to Bogaerts; and hasn't locked up Devers. There is unrest among Red Sox fans, many of whom have become convinced their team has become allergic to spending big money. The signing of Judge would change that narrative, rip the Yankees' best position player out of their lineup, and get Red Sox fans turning out early to watch Judge put divots in the aluminum siding that protects the Green Monster.

Olney also listed the Giants, Cubs, Mets, Dodgers, Twins, Angels, and -- yes -- the Yankees as potential suitors for Judge.

Now, Red Sox fans may prefer the team just keep Bogaerts and Devers for the long term instead of losing both and adding Judge. But, if the Red Sox do lose the whole left side of their infield, poaching the best player on the Yankees certainly could help ease the sting.

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