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Bruins Fan Progressing Slowly From Mysterious Ailment

BOSTON (CBS) - A father refuses to give up on his son after the seemingly healthy teen collapsed and is now unable to move or talk.

Michael Murphy was a healthy, athletic 14-year-old until one Saturday in June. He was waiting to meet his friends before the Bruins' Stanley Cup parade when he suddenly collapsed.

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"He just collapsed, as far as we know. The doctor said it was due to a heart attack," said Michael Murphy, the teen's dad.

WBZ-TV's Paul Burton reports.

The incident left Michael with a severe brain injury, and as a result, he now rehabs at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital six days a week.

His room at Spaulding is filled with heart-warming messages, and most noticeable is the support he's received from the Bruins. He even has a picture with the Stanley Cup and a letter from Cam Neely.

"He's very aware of things now. His eyes are wide open. He opens them wide all the time now. You can see the clearness in them, and he's very alert," said the teen's dad.

"He doesn't have a way to communicating at this time. We're still working on it, and we're trying, and that will be the sign of him emerging from where he is in his brain injury," said Beth Szczerbinski of Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital.

His father hasn't left his side, and he also has not been able to work. The family has several fundraisers planned to help pay for some of the expenses.

"I do anticipate him probably going home in wheelchair. We had to sign him up for a wheelchair clinic, so the family will definitely need money for renovations to the house, because insurance usually does not pay for that," said Szczerbinski.

Michael has been rehabbing at Spaulding for the past three weeks and while he's making a little progress every day, the family said he still has a long way to go.

"It's a slow process. You kind of look for more, but you take any little step you can get," said the teen's dad.

His dad said he prays one day his son will recover.

"I believe he will because I believe in miracles," said teen's dad.

Michael's dad said he has very high expectations, but he watches his son fight everyday. As for when he might be going home, that is still very unclear.

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