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Search Continues For 4th Suspect In Violent Brockton Robbery

BROCKTON (CBS) – Police are continuing their search for a fourth person wanted in connection with a Brockton armed robbery. The group is accused of shooting at responding officers.

Police arrested Stephan Stewart, 26, Dennis Martin, 23, and Darius Carter, 27, late Saturday night. A fourth suspect, whose identity has not been released, remains at large.

Darius Carter Dennis Martin and Stephan Stewart. (Image Credit: Brockton Police)

Saturday night, police responded to the T-Mobile store on Belmont Street in Brockton. A clerk was assaulted by four armed men who fled the scene.

When responding officers approached a white Chevrolet, shots were fired at a police cruiser. No one was hit or injured.

Police search a Brockton neighborhood after the suspects of a violent robbery Saturday night (WBZ-TV)

"People jumped out of the car, ran down the street... The police arrived. One, two, three, then more police cars. State Police, Brockton police," described Brockton resident Richard Nagle.

Suzanne Kelly's backyard was one of the many that officers ran through as they searched for the suspects. "It was kind of crazy. I mean, all of a sudden we were watching T.V. and you had 10 or 15 police officers running through the backyard with flashlights. It was just crazy," she said.

Guns seized following a Brockton armed robbery. (Image Credit: Brockton Mayor Bill Carpenter)

"I keep looking around myself, making sure the yard's okay and everybody else in the neighborhood looks okay," said Kelly.

The clerk is expected to survive.

No further details have been released on the fourth suspect.

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