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DCF Investigating Bridgewater Child Care Center For Alleged Abuse

BRIDGEWATER (CBS) - A Bridgewater child care center is under investigation after reports of abuse and neglect. The state ordered The Drop Spot to shut down months ago.

"I think a place that's dangerous, considering all the parents that have had really negative experiences there," said Nicole Conley, who used to work at The Drop Spot.

It's a private business that state officials ordered to close in December because they weren't licensed to care for children. The Department of Children and Families tells WBZ they're looking into reports of alleged abuse and neglect.

"Nothing like this has happened before," said Samantha Muise, the owner of The Drop Spot. Muise claims she can still operate as a private membership club.

She said this started as a complaint of a child left in soiled clothing and a separate incident involving an employee that was captured on cellphone video.

"The child was in a buckled seat because he had some very severe behavior stuff," Muise said. "The video had been out previously and she was like mocking the child for his behavior."

As the DCF investigates, Muise tells WBZ she fired the employee and installed cameras inside the facility.

"We alerted the family on Friday, and we terminated the staff member first thing Monday morning when she came back to work and we notified DCF," Muise said. "We're just thankful to the staff that came forward right away that and let us know that there was a problem so we can address it right away."

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