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No Bail For Boston Man Accused Of Firing Several Gunshots In Back Bay Sparking Panic

BOSTON (CBS) - Brandon Sicard, the man accused of firing several gunshots in the Back Bay Wednesday evening shattering windows and forcing people to run for cover, was ordered held without bail Friday.

Sicard, 29, of Boston, was arrested Thursday. He was arraigned Friday in Boston Municipal Court on several charges including assault by means of a dangerous weapon, unlawful possession of a firearm and firearm discharged within 500 feet of a dwelling.

Prosecutors say he was the person who fired a gun several times around 7:45 p.m. Wednesday, sending customers in restaurants and shops on Newbury, Fairfield and Boylston streets running for cover. No one was hurt, but several businesses and cars in the area were damaged.

"This is a very scary incident that took place in broad daylight in the middle of a hot summer's night when lots of people were on Newbury street," said the prosecutor in court.

back bay shooting
A window in an art gallery on Fairfield Street was shattered after the shooting Wednesday evening. (Photo credit: Lisa Gresci - WBZ-TV)

Prosecutors say witnesses to the wild gunfire on busy Newbury Street Wednesday pointed police to a posh boutique store, Edge Luxury Sunglasses. Police guarded the entrance Friday, but witnesses said they recognized Sicard as a fashionable, friendly man who normally stands outside this store.

"Scary situation. Especially in this area, you never hear about that, so it's really shocking," said Fernando Aguacia, a hair stylist at a salon next door.

He says Sicard is a familiar face on Newbury Street. Sicard told police he owns the sunglasses store.

"Just always outside," said Aguacia. "Normal, very very friendly person, but it's shocking."

Eric Lian owns a bubble tea shop next to Sicard's home down the block, which is now under police watch, out front and back.

"I just found out now. I'm shocked," said Lian. "Of course I'm worried, but I still have to do the business."

Brandon Sicard
Brandon Sicard in Boston Municipal Court, Aug. 13, 2021. (WBZ-TV)

The judge ordered Sicard held without bail until his next hearing in the case on Wednesday.

Sicard's attorney says he's a Babson graduate and had no criminal record.

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