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Braintree Police Officers Cleared In Motel 6 Shooting Death

BRAINTREE (CBS) -- The Norfolk District Attorney's Office released a final report Thursday offering more details on the May 5 shooting at a Braintree motel that left a veteran officer wounded and a man dead.

The report finds that the man, 25-year-old Tizaya Robinson, fired first at officers--and clears the officers who shot back, killing him.

"In light of these findings and conclusions, the District Attorney for the Norfolk District finds no criminal responsibility on the part of the responding officers and will take no further action relative to the actions of Braintree Police at Motel 6 on May 5, 2017," Norfolk DA Michael Morrissey wrote in the report.

Braintree shooting
A wounded Braintree Police officer shoots at suspect inside Motel 6 (Surveillance image from Norfolk DA)

It also found that it wasn't possible to know which officer fired the bullet that killed Robinson.

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Officer Donald Delaney, a 10-year veteran of the department and a veteran of the Marine Corps, was shot in the face by Robinson but survived. He was released from the hospital two days later and is expected to make a full recovery.

Delaney and three other armed officers were trying to serve a restraining order to Robinson in room 113 at the Motel 6 on Union Street in Braintree.

The report states the officers identified themselves as police and knocked on the door to the room, to no answer. They used a keycard to open the door, but found it locked by a chain.

They again identified themselves, and heard Robinson inside asking, "Who is it?"

officer donald delaney motel 6 braintree shooting
Officer Donald Delaney. (Photo credit: Braintree Police Department)

After they identified themselves a third time, the report says, Robinson began shooting at them.

The district attorney's office released surveillance video from the incident. It shows the two officers announcing their presence and then within seconds they were involved in a gunfight.

The gunshot flashes, while seen on the surveillance, were heard real-time over the radio.


Officer Donald Delaney radioed, "I'm hit. I'm hit." He was shot in the face and fell to the ground. He and another officer then retreated seeking cover behind a pillar. Two other officers went back to their cruisers to get their rifles and returned fire with them.

WBZ security analyst and former Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis said releasing this video is important.

"I think it describes to people exactly what police officers face," said Davis. "Often time you hear why don't you shoot them in the leg or arm, these encounters happen in within seconds and it's life and death."

The report said Officer Delaney was bleeding from his head wound, and "temporarily lost sight in one eye."

Braintree Motel
Police investigate after an officer was shot at a Braintree motel. (WBZ-TV)

After a brief break in the crossfire, the sound of shots coming from the room came again. The Norfolk DA's report found that it was the sound of Robinson shooting himself after putting his gun under his chin and firing upward--but said that shot was not the one that killed him, despite earlier reports.

According to the report, the shot that killed Robinson was to his head, but because the bullet wasn't recovered at the scene, it's impossible to know which officer fired it.

For several hours, while officers didn't know Robinson had been killed, SWAT teams were called in and a standoff situation ensued. They found Robinson had been killed by using a robot arm with a camera on it to see into the room.

Robinson also had a third bullet wound to his thigh.

A judge upheld Braintree's decision to force the Motel 6 to close citing all the problems. The motel is expected to fight to re-open.

WBZ-TV's Katie Brace contributed to this report.

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