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Boston's Hotel Rates Ranked Highest In North America

BOSTON (CBS) -- If you're already from the Boston area, consider yourself lucky: a new survey of hotel rates claims travelers will pay more to book a room in the Hub than anywhere else in North America.

The report from ranked Boston No. 1 for priciest lodgings out of 30 popular metropolitan destinations in the U.S. and Canada. A night's stay in Boston will set tourists back about $214 per night, said.

That's a whopping $59 more than the next most expensive city, which is Chicago with average hotel rates at $155 a night. Right behind the Windy City is New York at $154 per night.

The website said it compared hotel rates during the month of October, when many leaf-peepers are drawn to Boston and New England for foliage viewing.

Planning a trip to Canada? said Montreal is the cheapest destination up north, with rooms averaging $49 a night, but you'll pay more than twice that in Calgary, where $103 per night is the going rate in October.

Cities with the most expensive hotel rooms

1. Boston $214
2. Chicago $155
3. New York $154
4. San Francisco $133
5. Nashville $132

Cities with the least expensive hotel rooms

26. San Diego $61
27. Phoenix $57
28. Vancouver $54
29. Las Vegas $51
30. Montreal $49


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