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Boston's Best Stores With A Cause

Many stores around Boston are taking charity to a whole new level. If you want to feel good about how you're spending your money, you'll want to check out these stores. All have found unique ways to support great causes while offering great services and merchandise to their customers. It's a win-win situation.

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(Photo Credit: Boomerangs/Facebook)

Boomerangs Special Edition
1407 Washington St.
Boston, MA 02118
(617) 456-0996

Boomerangs Special Edition is an award-winning thrift store that not only keeps gently used clothing out of landfills but also has another important mission as well. The store is owned by AIDS Action Committee of MA, Inc., which is New England's leading provider of HIV prevention and wellness services. All of the profits from Boomerangs go towards helping those who are already impacted by HIV/AIDS and towards tackling the causes of the disease. Boston has four Boomerangs locations, but the special edition of this shop located in the South End is worth a special mention due to its slightly more high-end merchandise which is great for anyone looking for affordable professional and designer clothes.

Project Repat
(Photo Credit: Project Repat)

Project Repat
100A Warren St.
Roxbury, MA 02119

If you've ever done a walk for charity, signed up for a new checking account, gone to a concert or attended a corporate event, chances are you have a t-shirt hanging around in your closet that you got from doing any one of these or a million other events. One day, the folks at Project Repat got to thinking about all of these old t-shirts, ones that maybe you can't wait to throw away or ones you'll never throw away but never wear, and came up with the idea to repurpose them. Simply contact Project Repat, they will send you an empty box, fill it with old t-shirts and send it back to them. In a short amount of time, Project Repat will return the box to you, this time with all those old unusable t-shirts turned into blankets, bags or a men's tie.

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(Photo Credit: Bodega/Facebook)

6 Clearway St.
Boston, MA 02115
(617) 421-1550

Bodega is one of Boston's hidden gems - and it is quite literally hidden. What appears to be a regular neighborhood Bodega in the front is really just a front for an upscale men's shoe and clothing store tucked away in the back. Amidst the many coveted designer brands, you'll find plenty of Earth-friendly products that earn Bodega a place on the list of Boston's best shops with a cause. Bodega is the only authorized Shwood dealer in the city of Boston. Not familiar with Shwood? These unique sunglasses are not only made completely in the U.S.A. (Portland, Oregon to be precise), but are made from sustainable eco-friendly materials.

(Photo Credit: Jenny Boston/Facebook)

Jenny Boston
117 Trapelo Road
Belmont, MA 02478
(617) 489-2451

You probably already know that Jenny Boston has some of the best jewelry, hats, handbags, belts and accessories in town. What you might not know is that the store offers a unique fundraising program that can help you earn money for your own non-profit or for the charity of your choice. Simply pick your cause and a day and Jenny Boston will host a private party for you and up to 60 of your friends. You get full shopping access to everything Jenny Boston offers, and a portion of the sales go towards the cause of your choice. With between 15 percent to 25 percent of all the proceeds going to your cause, it's a great way to raise a lot of cash in just one night.

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(Photo Credit: NV My Hair)

NV My Hair
231 Newbury St.
Boston, MA 02116
(617) 834-3333

Nancy Brown's work as a hairstylist has appeared in leading fashion magazines across the country. So it is little surprise that Bostonians flock to her hair salon, NV My Hair on Newbury Street to get that same perfect haircut for themselves. What few people realize about Nancy Brown is that she has a heart as big as her talent. On top of her work as a hairstylist, Brown is the founder and president of Charmed Boston. Charmed Boston is a non-profit that gives those battling serious illnesses a much-needed moral boost by giving them the same runway-ready makeovers you can find for yourself at NV My Hair.

Renee Mallett is the author of several books about art, culture, and New England. She was the owner and director of an art gallery and has written about arts and entertainment on a national level for several print and online journals. Her work can be found at

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