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Boston's Best Gourmet Hot Dogs

Nothing truly symbolizes summer like a hot dog. Perfect for families at a baseball game, friends enjoying a picnic, or even for the perfect late-night snack, hot dogs are always tasty and satisfying. Take your hot dog game to the next level by trying out some of these restaurants and venues that have their own version of a gourmet hot dog!

Jerry Remy's
(Photo Credit: Jerry Remy's)

Jerry Remy's
250 Northern Ave.
Boston, MA 02210
(617) 856-7369

Sports and hot dogs simply go together. But, if you can't do the real thing and get a Fenway Frank over at the ballpark, your second best option is to head to Jerry Remy's and order the Remdawg. This monster hot dog is a half pound of beef topped with caramelized onions, melted pepper jack and cheddar cheeses with chili on a toasted and buttered brioche roll. Is your mouth watering yet?

Karl's Sausage Kitchen & European Market
(Photo Credit: Karl's Sausage Kitchen)

Karl's Sausage Kitchen
1 Bourbon St.
Peabody, MA 01960
(978) 854-6650

Take your summer barbeque up a notch or two by stocking up on gourmet dogs, sausages and other European-style meats and treats at Karl's Sausage Kitchen in Peabody. Since 1958, Karl's has become famous for its gourmet German foods and even opened a cafe space for those who don't feel like cooking. At the cafe, patrons can mix and match classic dogs with bratwurst, keilbasas, chorizo, and other specialties for a custom plate that will satisfy all of your hot dog cravings.

Jacob Wirth Restaurant
(Photo Credit: Jacob Wirth Restaurant)

Jacob Wirth's
31 Stuart St.
Boston, MA 02116
(617) 338-8586

Boston's epic German beer hall is a great place to stop in for a gourmet hot dog or sausage. If you love basic hot dogs, visit Jacob Wirth's every Tuesday night for 25 cent dogs! Otherwise, treat yourself to some more high-end dog delicacies like sausage and sauerkraut balls, weisswurst, knockwurst and lots more. Plus, there are many great rare beers to pair your meal with, making this a great place to go whenever you are in the mood to try something new!

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Sullivan's Castle Island
(Photo Credit: Sullivan's Castle Island)

Sullivan's Castle Island
2080 William J Day Blvd.
Boston, MA 02127
(617) 268-5685

Enjoy a hot dog on the beach by heading over to Sullivan's Castle Island in South Boston. Classic hot dogs at Sullivan's are less than $2, and chilli and cheese options are only a dollar more. Walking around the pedestrian walkways at Castle Islands and enjoying hot dogs at Sullivan's is the perfect super-affordable summer activity for the whole family. It's also a great idea for a second or third date — after all, who doesn't love long walks on the beach?

Spike's Junkyard Dogs
(Photo Credit: Spike's Junkyard Dogs)

Spike's Junkyard Dogs
108 Brighton Avenue
Allston, MA 02134
(617) 254-7788

Great toppings can really make a hot dog. Spike's Junkyard Dogs, with locations throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island, specializes in unique and drool-worthy topping combinations that will keep you coming back for more. Their namesake hot dog is covered in a combination of condiments that really explode with flavor like mustard, tomatoes, banana peppers, pickles and chopped scallions! More of a traditionalist? Try the chili cheese dog, or get a plain dog and help yourself to the condiments bar to create your own hot dog delicacy.

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Cameron Bruns is the founder of and co-author of Just Us Gals Boston. She lives in Boston's North End, where her goal is to promote ethical, stylish, and sustainable lifestyle choices to all Boston residents. Her work can be found on

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