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Boston's Best Bad Weather Activities For Kids

Be prepared for those days out of school with a list of bad weather activities. To get the imagination started, use this list and you and the kids can enjoy a day of bad weather together.


Boston Central

Ever notice how easy it is for children to collect all sorts of objects from their daily walks and adventures? Make it a point to look for things to collect on the sunny days ahead, and keep them safely in a collection box or basket. The collection process alone is a project in itself that can expand into all places. One of the easiest projects to do when forced to stay inside is turning a collection into a display. Simply keep around some white glue, large art paper, colorful paints to dip and drizzle and string to hang and display the finished project in a window. Boston Central hosts a list of activities in or out of doors for families to enjoy all year long. When looking for a project or to join in the area's activities posted each month, visit this site for links and special homemade projects.

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Visit the Animals
Animal Rescue League of Boston

All kinds of pets that have lost their way are found and kept safe at local area animal shelters and even pet stores. On those stormy days, bring the gift of compassion and care to a variety of animals without homes. Bring along a bag of goodies, a blanket or share a child's favorite toy together with the pups and kittens for the day. If bringing home a pet is not the best idea, simply visit every so often to keep the connections to these wonderful animals available for everyone, animals get lonely too.

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Mother and I Groups
Boston Mamas

Don't be fooled by the title. Boston Mamas is home for parents, families and 'Father and I' groups of all kinds. Visit new friends and make arrangements as a team for those days when the weather is at its worst. Mother and I groups are located in each local area surrounding Boston with a simple network to find any type of activity one can imagine. Bring along a few juice boxes, a snack and even the favorite pajamas when brainstorming an activity. Sometimes many ideas are better than one, along with support and opportunities for carpooling and child attendants to help on those days when a parent is unable to take the day off from work. Most parent groups offer free passes to a bounty of museums, indoor playgrounds, parks and family activities.

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Travel with Books
Boston Public Library

If you don't feel like trekking out to the local library on a stormy day, make your own library area at home with a small bookcase of the children's favorite books, a few favorite animals to read with and a soft, comfortable pillow or two. Add hot chocolate, pizza or a quick bag of buttered popcorn and the children will forget all about what is going on outside your door. These are the makings of a trip into the imagination through the pages of a book.

Classic Board Games

Board Game Adventures
Board Game Central, A to Z

A board game marathon makes for hours of interesting play time when indoors, be it a puzzle, scrabble or another family favorite. Start the challenge with a game the whole family recognizes. If board games are not available, try hangman, squares or tic tac toe. Add marbles or dice to the mix and invent a new board game of your own. Board Game Central has an extensive list from A to Z available to jog the memory or to learn a new game any time the weather turns sour. See who will be the next champion in the family once the bad weather hits, and let them pick something simple for a prize, whether it's a dessert after dinner or a star sticker on a forehead. It's a win win activity.

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