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Boston Time Capsule Believed Found In Lion Statue

BOSTON (CBS) – A mystery in Boston's history has been uncovered.

A statue perched on top of the Old State House downtown appears to have a century-old time capsule hidden inside.

The unicorn and lion statues were removed from the top of the building earlier this month to be restored.

Now it seems there may be a secret hiding in the lion, planted in 1901.

"We discovered that there was a time capsule that had been secreted in the lion's head, in just the turn of the 20th century," Brian LeMay of the Bostonian Society told WBZ-TV.

Old State House Lion
The lion removed from Old State House in Boston. (Photo courtesy Paul Sacco)

"From what I understand, they put some very historic items in there so I can't wait to see it," Paul Sacco of the Freedom Trail Foundation told WBZ.

It seems tempting to crack open the statue to see what is inside, but the Bostonian Society would like to preserve the lion if possible.

"We sent a tiny TV camera inside the lion's head and discovered that it's still there. We haven't opened it yet; we have to figure out how to take it out of the lion without damaging it," LeMay said.

The lion could be opened as soon as next week.

Historians also intend to place a new time capsule from 2014 in the lion's head for its return to the top of the Old State House.






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