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Boston Streets Remain A Snowy Mess Days After Blizzard

BOSTON (CBS) -- By Tuesday, Boston Public Works crews had removed more than 1,500 truckloads of snow, but snowbanks still spilled into city streets.

"Terrible, I just drove around for 45 minutes," said Rachel Benson who was looking for a place to park.

Three days after the blizzard, some small streets in Dorchester were still covered in snow.

"All streets should get plowed, all of them, not just the main street," said one resident on snowy Sayward Street. "People actually live on the side streets and need to get to work."

Another resident pointed to a mountain of snow at the foot of his driveway. He said he spent hours shoveling it Sunday, and it was full again. "When they take the snow off their car, they just put it right in my driveway."

Joseph Street was also snow-covered. Around the corner, Vinny Montero put a chair in his parking spot as he pulled out. "If you haven't found one of your little chairs to put out, you're screwed. You're going to be driving around going back and forth for nothing," he said.

City crews used heavy equipment to move the snow to nine snow farms.

"They melt 80 tons an hour," said Chris Smart, who operates snow-melting equipment. "We've got a good crew, so we kind of rotate…take shifts and rotate."

Boston's 311 app was full of complaints about un-shoveled sidewalks. By now, anyone who hasn't shoveled in front of their property could face a fine.

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