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Keller @ Large: Opening Day Is The Best Day Of The Year

BOSTON (CBS) - Today is, for my money, the best day of the year, other than my wedding anniversary of course. It is Opening Day of the Major League Baseball season, and while it still feels awfully like winter outside, it is the true start of spring.

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The Red Sox open up in Tampa against the Rays for four games, then play two in Miami before returning to Boston for the home opener, and optimism is running high. As of this moment, we are tied for first, and for whatever it's worth, we had the best record in the Grapefruit League. David Price went 3-0 this spring with a miniscule earned run average. The starters all hit well, and we have a new manager who seems likeable.

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Likeability will be key for the Sox this year. Last year was a disaster in that regard, with key players including Price and Dustin Pedroia managing to alienate plenty of fans. That's not easy to do around here, but they managed it.

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Hopefully the team can do well on the road and be on a roll when they open in Fenway Park a week from today. Two years in a row the season has ended too soon at Fenway with first round playoff losses. Losing 11 of 19 to the Yankees didn't please the fans either. And quite frankly, with the outrageous prices they're charging these days, lackluster performances are unlikely to be tolerated.

But even if you can't afford to go to Fenway, the start of the Red Sox season means spring is here, with summer to follow. After another nasty winter, that is reason enough to savor the feeling of the best part of the year finally getting underway.

Your take on this year's Sox is welcome via email at, or use Twitter, @kelleratlarge.

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