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'That Kid Might Be Luck': Michael Chavis Hits HR After 5-Year-Old Introduces Him

BOSTON (CBS) -- It was the thrill of a young lifetime for a five-year-old Red Sox fan. He was lucky enough to get to announce the at-bat for second baseman Michael Chavis. And Chavis promptly smashed a homer to left.

Jaxon Younger needed a little prompting from a professional announcer, but he managed to say a mouthful: "Next up! Second baseman! Michael Chavis!"

Chavis pointed to the kid announcer as he approached the plate, and bang, a first-pitch blast for his eighth home run of the season.

It happened during Sunday's contest with Houston. On Monday, both the young announcer and the home run hitter were both talking about it.

"I kind of laughed at myself, like, that kid might be luck. We need to bring him back," Chavis said.

Jaxon and his family came to Boston from Pennsylvania to see the Sox. It was the first game for Jaxon and his sister and brother.

Jaxon Younger
Jaxon Younger (WBZ-TV)

"I saw them play and it was a little bit rainy and I got a little bit wet," Jaxon said.

He also got to go to the announcer's booth. Jaxon and his siblings were randomly chosen to each announce a batter.

"I announced Eduardo Nunez," said sister Sydney. "I announced Jackie Bradley, Jr." added brother Carter.

Jaxon Younger
Jaxon Younger (middle) and his sister and brother before the game at Fenway Park, May 19, 2019. (Photo credit: Melissa Konopski Bailey)

But it was Jaxon's shouted intro to Chavis that was the charm.

"He pointed at me, then he hit the ball and he hit a home run," Jaxon explained.

It seems like Chavis was more impressed than Jaxon was. "As for Jaxon, he said, Mommy, that guy pointed at me, and then he asked to go back to the hotel and go swimming," said Jaxon's mom, Melissa Bailey.

Michael Chavis
Michael Chavis (WBZ-TV)

"It's something I'm going to remember, so hopefully he does as well," according to Chavis.

"We had a great time in Boston and we're definitely coming back. The kids really enjoyed themselves," said Melissa Bailey.

The Sox took that game with a come from behind win, 4-3.

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