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Boston Latin Students Raise Racism Concerns

BOSTON (CBS) - Two female students sit in front of the camera. "We refuse to be silenced," they declare. "And we're not afraid to speak up."

It's a YouTube video put out by the Boston Latin High School student group called B.L.A.C.K. It stands for Black Leaders Advocating for Change and Knowledge. They say for too long, they've been trying to get their message out at the elite exam school.

Now, through the power of social media, they're finally getting attention. The headmaster agreed to meet with them Friday, and Boston's School Superintendent is now investigating.

"I mean, it's not outright, but when you hear little comments once in a while, those things add up," says student Sabrina Crockton.

"Hit them with an example," one of the students says in the YouTube video. "#BlackatBLS. When you're the only student in your AP US History class who's black, and when slavery comes up, they all turn to you."

Their plea for examples of racism at school has prompted tweets like, "#BlackatBLS, People of color are the majority at every other Boston Public High School except the one with the most opportunity."

The headmaster sent a letter home to parents saying she's committed to creating "a better school climate for all," and she invited students to take their concerns to her in person.

With the Superintendent now vowing to investigate, the group wants to expand the focus to other Boston schools, and the students have told their followers to expect more. "Stay tuned for phase two of our campaign, alright? Now remember, stay black. Stay proud, and keep striving for black excellence."

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