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Armed Man Arrested At Boston Free Speech Rally Held On $10K Bail

BOSTON (CBS/AP) — Some of the 33 people taken into custody in Boston during the counter-protests of Saturday's Boston Free Speech Rally were arraigned in Boston Municipal Court Monday, including one man who police say was carrying a gun.

The arrests--mostly for disorderly conduct--were made Saturday as an estimated 40,000 counter-protesters marched down Tremont Street and then gathered in and around Boston Common.

Boston Protests
Thousands of protesters leave Boston Common after the 'free speech' rally ended Saturday, August 19, 2017. (WBZ-TV)

Suffolk District Attorney Daniel Conley says a "small number of people went beyond the bounds of safe behavior" during the events on the Common.

As thousands of protesters left the Common Saturday, police began to report issues with crowds in the area of Boylston and Tremont Streets. A group of officers in riot gear scuffled with the crowd and took several people into custody.

Boston Protests
Some counter demonstrators scuffled with Boston Police after the rally on the Common ended Saturday afternoon. (WBZ-TV)

Officers reported that some of the protesters were throwing rocks at the police.

One man, Nathan Mizrahi of Norwich, New York, was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm and ordered held on $10,000 bail.

According to a Boston Police incident report, officers took three tactical vests from two men present at the rally, one of whom was Mizrahi.

While inventorying the items inside the vests, police found several knives, radio equipment, and a .25 caliber pistol. The report said Mizrahi did not inform the officers he had a gun in the vest.

They said Mizrahi later came to the police station to claim the vests, and that he showed them a license to carry the gun which was issued in New York--but since he didn't have a license to carry in Massachusetts, he was arrested.

The father of seven was ordered to stay out of Massachusetts for any non-court-related business, and is due back in court September 18.

Another man, Mohammed Eldeb of Somerville, was arrested after police said he threw a bottle at them--but was held because of outstanding warrants.

He was held on $500 bail on the assault and battery charge stemming from the bottle incident, and had $200 bail each on unrelated warrants out of Lowell and Malden. He's been taken to Middlesex County to face those warrants.

Delroy Richardson, 25 of Brockton, was arrested and charged with disturbing the peace and resisting arrest Saturday.

He's due to be arraigned Tuesday, but spoke to reporters in court Monday, saying it was unfortunate things got out of hand, because his intent and message were peace and unity.

"That was the best time I got locked up in my life, to be honest with you," Richardson said. "I know I did something right. I felt good. I was trying to stick up for all of us, you know?"

delroy richardson
Delroy Richardson. (WBZ-TV)

Richardson said he understood that police were just doing their jobs.

"I got little bruises on me and everything, but they also was doing their jobs too, I can't discredit them," Richardson said of the police. "We was just out there trying to have peace, you know, and show our part of how we feel, no racism in Boston."

He said he felt "good as hell" about standing together with people from all backgrounds and races against a president he believes has been "hyping up" right-wing activists.

"We all won," Richardson said. "People really gotta look at that and really put that into mind, that's the only thing I want."

Arraignments for the rest of those arrested at or near Boston Common on Saturday were still set for Tuesday and Wednesday.

Otherwise, Conley says marchers, protest organizers and police deserve praise for keeping the city peaceful and safe. He says Boston sent a strong message against bigotry and racism.

Organizers of the free speech rally say the event was mischaracterized and that it accomplished its purpose.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030's Carl Stevens reports

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