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Woman Killed In Elevator Accident In Allston Apartment Building

BOSTON (CBS) – A woman in her 30s was killed in an apparent elevator accident in an Allston apartment building. Police were called to 1140 Commonwealth Ave at about 5 p.m. Monday.

The woman was found in the elevator on the first floor and pronounced dead at the scene.

"He pointed to the elevator and he said 'she's dead, she's fallen down the elevator,'" said Leah Scorzoni, who lives in the building. "We were on the first floor and the roof of the elevator car was visible to me. I could not see her at all. It's an old-fashioned elevator."

Eric Carmichael's wife was on the first floor and told him it happened so fast, there was nothing she could do to help. "The lady was trying to put her package into the elevator, like that's how we do it. Take it from the lobby," Carmichael said. "I guess maybe the package and the woman were over the limit of what the elevator could handle so then what my wife said she saw was the lady's arms like hanging onto her package."

Nevada Foskit lives across the hall from the elevator and said it's an old system. "It's a two-slide door system and unless that door is completely shut, it does not move ever," Foskit said. "If something did happen, it clearly had to be faulty."

Neighbors were forced out into the street as OSHA and police investigated what happened.

Carmichael said it's terrifying to know it could have been anyone, even his wife, inside. "It was kind of gruesome," Carmichael said. "Terrible old elevator that should have been probably kept up better."

An autopsy will be performed to determine how the woman died.

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