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Blizzard Of 2015: Poor Road Conditions Lead To Spinouts

BOSTON (CBS) – Massachusetts is under a State of Emergency and Governor Baker ordered non-essential drivers off the roads beginning at 12 a.m. Tuesday.

The governor wants to make sure road crews can do their work and respond to emergencies.

The speed limit on the Mass Pike has been lowered to 40 mph between the New York border and Rt. 128 and tolls are being waived on the Pike, Tobin Bridge and Harbor tunnels.

State Police say there were no significant incidents Monday night and troopers have been out responding to spin-out accidents, including a jackknifed tractor-trailer on Route 495 in Milford.

Route 3A in Plymouth was closed in both directions due to multiple spin-outs Monday night.

"The cooperation by the public has been excellent," State Police Col. Timothy Alben said at a 10 p.m. press conference.

Tractor-Trailer jackknifed on Route 495 in Milford (State Police photo)

As of 9:00 p.m., the following were the general road conditions around Massachusetts:

Western Mass: Roads mostly wet some minor accumulation with patchy thin layer of slush. No significant incidents to report.

Northeastern Mass: Roadways snow-covered. No significant incidents to report.

Central Mass: Roadways are snow-covered. No significant incidents to report.

Southeastern Mass: Roadways are snow-covered. Several vehicles sliding off of Route 6 but no serious injuries.

Mass Pike: Currently the road conditions on the Mass Pike are poor. All barracks on the Pike are dealing with spin-outs and cars off the road. No injuries have been reported. The speed limit is 40 MPH.

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