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Bill Belichick's Subway Commercial Makes Triumphant Debut

By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) -- It was, far and away, the biggest story of 2020 in Branford, Connecticut.

Bill Belichick. In town. Eating a sub sandwich. Filming a commercial.

The images that emerged from that commercial shoot instantly went viral, as Patriots fans and haters alike marveled at the picture of Belichick staring lovingly at a five-dollar footlong while sitting on a bench.

Now, after a month and a half in the dark, we can finally see the fruits of that labor.

Belichick's first Subway commercial debuted on Tuesday and it's ... pretty good!

Check it out here:

Most fans may typically see Belichick grumbling behind a microphone while dishing out non-answers to reporters, but in this? He was downright glowing. The man's a natural.

This commercial was such a big deal for Subway that the company sent out a press release about it. That's wild.

"When Subway reached out, shared the Footlong Season campaign objectives and the ideas for the commercial, I decided the timing was right to have some fun and enjoy some sandwiches," Belichick said in that press release.

That's an tremendous Belichick quote! Incredible.

Presumably, the Subway folks got more than one commercial out of their time with the greatest football coach in NFL history, so there will surely be more ads to come. For now though? A-plus. Bravo. Five stars. In a strange summer with no football, Belichick clearly did what's in the best interest of the national sandwich chain.

UPDATE! The much-anticipated bench shot has been released. Watch it now! Don't delay!

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