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Beachgoers Enjoy Waves Despite Riptide Concerns

HULL (CBS) - Despite the beautiful weather and family fun, the Department of Conservation and Recreation is still on heightened alert under a hurricane plan that went into affect Tuesday.

"We were informed the riptides were going to develop which is not an uncommon occurrence after a storm like that," DCR's Nantasket beach super Kevin Conway said.

Arthur prompted officials to put up warning signs about dangerous currents, something beachgoers kept in mind.

"I can't really go out far because of the rip currents," said Jacob Williams as he stood on the beach.

The best way to avoid getting sucked out by one of these riptides is to keep your feet firmly planted on the sea floor. Knowing this, several New England beaches have banned swimmers from going past waist deep water.

This early in the season, it's easier for John Jarvis to keep his son in shallow water.

"We just basically say stay in the low waters and I think kind of due to the cold water, they're staying more on the beach than in the water," said Jarvis.

If you do get caught by a rip current, keep calm.

"The worst thing you can do is try to fight it. You just go with it parallel to the beach," said Conway.

DCR says their guards can see every inch of beach, but that it's crucial for parents to watch their kids. Approximately 8,000 – 10,000 people on a busy weekend can make some folks bolder than they would be alone.

"You have to be conscious about what's going on in the water," said beach visitor Michael Williams.


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