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'He's Perfect': 57-Year-Old New Hampshire Woman Gives Birth To Baby Boy

CONCORD, NH (CBS) - Barbara Higgins is over the moon in love. The Concord, New Hampshire woman welcomed her baby boy on Saturday. He is five days old; she is 57 years.

Jack is their joy, but this family has suffered too. Daughter Molly died from a brain tumor in 2016; they believe Molly met Jack before they did.

"You can't lose a child and not suddenly absolutely believe in the afterlife because that's where your child is," Higgins said. "You have to believe. There's no option."

In her grief, she started having dreams of another baby.

"I've been doing this job for 42 years and it never gets tiring," said Dr. Vito Cardone of Boston IVF. Cardone stopped counting baby success stories at 20,000. Still, Jack and his mom stand out.

"Maybe he's supposed to be a custodian at a school and he notices kids who are lonely, maybe that will be his calling," Higgins said. "Maybe he'll invent some great thing that will save millions. I don't know. I just do feel I didn't go through all of this and produce him for it to be for not."

Barbara lives a very healthy life; her team supported her having this baby. "When you see the faces of the parents, there's nothing better than that," said Dr. Cardone.

What could be better, than a miracle? "He's perfect and teeny and he smells delicious. All those yummy things," Higgins said.

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