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Auburn Police Rescue Dog From Hot Car

AUBURN (CBS) - Auburn Police cited a woman Wednesday afternoon after they say she left a dog inside a hot car.

After arriving at Auburn Plaza Shopping Center around 1 p.m., officers were unable to locate the owner of the vehicle. Police contacted Auburn Animal Control.

"When I arrived on scene, the dog, 'Chloe,' was in the backseat of the car panting heavily and breathing rapidly, which are signs of overheating in dogs," said Auburn Animal Control Officer Aimee Contois.

"There was a bowl with about an inch of water on floor of the front passenger's side of the car, however Chloe's leash was wrapped around the base of the front passenger's seat-belt, which restricted her from accessing the water."

Chloe sits in an animal control kennel after being left in a hot car. (Photo Credit: Auburn Animal Control)

An infrared thermometer gauged the temperature inside the car as reaching a maximum of 119.5 degrees.

The vehicle was left unlocked and police decided to release the dog from the vehicle.

Infrared Thermometer
An infrared thermometer reads the temperature of a hot car, in which a dog was left.

The dog's owner, identified as Nancy Willard, eventually returned to her vehicle after leaving it and her dog unattended for at least 40 minutes.

She was issued a $150 citation for confining an animal in a motor vehicle causing exposure to extreme heat.

Willard's dog, Chloe, was otherwise in good condition.

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