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Attleboro High School Janitor Donates Boots Given To Him By Students

ATTLEBORO (CBS) – An Attleboro High School student has proven a little kindness can go a long way.

Just before winter break, Attleboro senior Jack Sweeney asked the school's beloved janitor Tony Coelho what he wanted for Christmas.

"I see him almost every single day and it's really just his acts of kindness and how he'll drop anything for anyone," Sweeney said.

attleboro janitor
Attleboro High School janitor Tony Coelho and senior Jack Sweeney. (Image credit: WJAR via CNN)

Coelho said his boots were worn out and he could use a new pair.

So Sweeney went to social media and more than a dozen students quickly pitched in to help with the cost of the new Timberland work boots.

"These kids are the best, you know," Coelho told Providence TV station WJAR.

Jack Sweeney
Attleboro High School senior Jack Sweeney (WBZ-TV)

As for finding the perfect size boot, Sweeney pretended he was working on a school project and needed Coelho's height and shoe size.

"I think that if everyone did little things to help out their community and help out the people who deserve it the most, they can make the biggest difference," said Sweeney.

Coelho thanked the kids, but then donated the new boots to an Attleboro charity that helps students in need.

Tony Coelho's new boots. (Image credit: WJAR via CNN)

"We're talking about young kids here who did a good deed, and then an adult who has respect for those kids who decided to pay it forward," said Principal Bill Runey.

After the boots were donated to Coelho, some people on social media criticized the school and the students for an alleged "ethics violation".

Principal Runey ignored the claims. "What Jack and his classmates did is the personification of what 'Blue Pride' is here at Attleboro High School," Runey said.

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