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Around The NFL and Soccer 6: Reality Gets To Tebow

BOSTON (CBS) - Let's get you caught up on some news around the league on a football Monday.

- It had to happen to Tim Tebow and on Sunday, reality was a big slap in the face. After playing an OK game in a win against the Dolphins for his first start, against the Lions he saw a defense that just pummeled him.

Tim's numbers were awful (18-for-39, 172 yards) but that didn't tell the whole story.

For those who keep calling for him, this is what he's going to be in year one. He's inaccurate and this level of football is fast and furious.

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Tim stays positive though.

"We'll bounce back and have a great week of practice and get ready to go try to get a win next week," Tebow said.

- Don't look now but the young Cincinnati Bengals are 5-2 and looking pretty good. They have a quarterback in Andy Dalton, a wide receiver in A.J. Green and their defense is in the top ten in the league. I guess life after Chad Ochocinco, Terrell Owens and Carson Palmer is pretty good.

Hey even Adam "Pac-Man" Jones is playing for them and contributing.

"We continue to find a way to win it and continue to find a way to keep it interesting. We have to grow on the positives and we've got to correct the negatives," head coach Marvin Lewis said.

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- Soccer 6 chimes in this week and believe it or not Terrell Owens is back in the news again. Soccer has a good one here: Owen held his workout topless  (why he chose not to wear a shirt is mind-boggling but whatev).  He's trying to get back in the league and no professional scout showed up to watch him.  Apparently they can watch a guy who is not in football shape from their living rooms on television.  Anyway 6 says T.O. did get a call but it was from the Chicago Rush of the Arena Football league.  What are the Rush thinking??? Apparently they just want their building to be burned to the ground because Owens is a bridge burner.  6 says some team should take a chance on T.O. to which I answer, stay away from the mind altering drugs.  T.O. is crazy for real.

- 6 has more football news and is BREAKING NEWS!!! Tony Romo and his wife are pregnant.  Great, just one more person in the world who can tell Tony he's not good in the clutch and he's killing his football team.  Soccer says the funny thing here is, Tony's ex Jessica Simpson is also pregnant.  I propose a marathon birth to the finish and the winner gets a reality show to air on VH-1.  They can call it, "The nobody's and 1 on the way".

6 should be ashamed, these people are going to give their kids some crazy star's name.  Hopefully, this birth won't affect his play on the field (I am laughing inside after that statement).

- Finally, a follow-up story from a couple of weeks ago. Paris Jackson played her first game with the Lingerie Football League. Paris is now my hero.  The King of Pop's daughter wore straight-up athletic clothes; no lingerie for her.  But if she needed any her dad had a closet full of items that were suspect.

6 says Paris' team won 32-6.  I am telling 6 to be careful here. Soccer is following this young girl like some crazy paparazzi.

The next thing will be pics of young Paris playing "who can dance on cars" with her brother Blanket.

Thank you everybody and Thank you Soccer 6!

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