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Mass. Natives Describe Chaos During Alaska Earthquake

BOSTON (CBS) - A large 7.0 earthquake rocked Anchorage, Alaska and for several New England transplants it was surreal.

"Everyone is jumping every time something shakes now," said Yves Brower.

WBZ's Katie Brace grew-up with Brower in Massachusetts. After college he settled in his father's home state.

When the ground shook at 8:30 in the morning he was visiting friends in Anchorage.

Yves Brower
Yves Brower (WBZ-TV)

"Everything fell off the walls. Her washing machine and stuff started walking across on the floor in the bathroom," said Brower.

His parents took this photo of the store they were in at the time. The ceiling collapsed and they ran outside.

"I was actually just getting out of the shower, so that added a level of complexity to the situation," said Andrew Banks.

Andrew Banks and his wife moved to Anchorage two and half years ago for work. They've become accustomed to the occasional small earthquakes, nothing prepared them for this one.

Alaska earthquake
The roof of a store collapsed after a strong earthquake in Anchorage, Alaska

"I am thinking as it's happening and because it was going on for such a long time, should I get out? Should I get in my doorway?" said Banks.

The violent shaking went on for about a minute making it difficult to stand, as seen in another family's home video.

Then came a tsunami warning.

"We couldn't get out of the neighborhood. There were too many cars lined up, so we turned back around, went to the house. We were pretty high up. We were still nervous," said Brower.

Yves talked to us as his parents drove him through Anchorage. As he looked around, he said there is no power and everything is closed, but the city is managing.

"It was really scary. You don't know how bad it's going to be or if it's going to stop. it shook for quite a while," said Brower.

Andrew's house was not damaged except for a burst pipe.

Yves Brower and his family actually live on the northern edge of Alaska, and they did not feel anything.

His kids called right away to make sure he and their grandparents were OK, which they are.

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