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Buy Or Sell: Will The Patriots Move Up In The Draft?

BOSTON (CBS) -- It was a Game of Jones Monday on the Adam Jones Show, as Jones and Nick Cattles discussed a variety of topics related to the Celtics, Bruins, and Patriots. Chief among them is the Patriots' plans for Thursday's NFL Draft, in which they currently have no picks in the first or second rounds.

The "Buy or Sell" questions and Jones' answers can be found below.

Buy or sell: Rajon Rondo playing again in Celtics-Bulls series

"I buy it. I've seen Rajon Rondo play with an elbow bent the wrong way," said Jones. "I just don't know how effective he can possibly be."

Buy or sell: Patriots acquiring a first or second-round pick before the draft

"As of right now I'm selling the idea," said Jones. "If you're not trading Garoppolo and you're not trading Butler, I don't know what you're doing to move up."

Buy or sell: Capitals winning the Stanley Cup

"I'm going to buy it," said Jones. "As I said before the playoffs got going: Cleveland just won a title [with the Cavaliers], the Cubs just won a freaking World Series ... so some of these choking narratives have gone out the window, and maybe the Caps will be the latest one."

Buy or sell: Bruce Cassidy officially named Bruins head coach

"I buy that, and he should be [named head coach]," said Jones. "I think he's the right coach for a young, emerging team. He knows a lot of these young players. He knows what they're capable of. ... He's done enough, I think, to keep the job."

Buy or sell: Isaiah Thomas being called for a travel in Game 5 against the Bulls

"I sell that one," said Jones. "And I know what Hoiberg's trying to do. ... I don't think Hoiberg is trying to necessarily let the officials know about traveling, he's just trying to get their attention. And the officials aren't that dumb."

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