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Acton firefighters save doll that little girl dropped down storm drain on her birthday

Acton firefighters retrieve doll from storm drain
Acton firefighters retrieve doll from storm drain 00:27

ACTON - Firefighters in Acton came to the rescue when a little girl's birthday went awry Thursday.

The Acton Fire Department shared that the 7-year-old was waiting for the school bus on her big day when a doll she had borrowed from a close friend fell out of her pocket and dropped into a storm drain.

The girl had to go to school, but her mother went to work to try and retrieve the doll. Fire Captain James Byrne was driving by and saw her using a pole and net to try and get the doll from the storm drain on Pond View Drive.

Byrne called for a ladder truck and firefighters Steve Dimeco and Clem Tyler came to the scene. They used a pry bar to get the grate off and then brought the doll back.

The doll rescued by Acton firefighters Acton Fire Department

The mother and daughter said they were very grateful for the firefighters' help, and they'll be getting the doll back safe to its owner. 

"Our firefighters face a wide variety of hazards and challenges, but this challenge was a little unique," Fire Chief Robert Hart said in a statement. "I am proud of Capt. Byrne, Firefighter Dimeco, and Firefighter Tyler for showing that the Acton Fire Department is always here for our community, no matter what challenges await."  

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