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Aaron Hernandez Rips Robert Kraft, Praises Tom Brady In New Prison Letter

By Matt Dolloff, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) -- As former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez continues to rot in a jail cell, already convicted of first-degree murder and awaiting trial for another 2012 double-murder, he keeps sending some surreal letters from the clink. The latest one, obtained by TMZ Sports, heaps praise on Tom Brady and other former teammates of his, but takes some vicious shots at Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

Hernandez describes Mr. Kraft as "fake-ass non-loyal Kraft who told me he loved me everytime he seen [sic] me but obviously shows his word aint [sic] [expletive]. But my love [for the Patriots] was real and still love all them cuz [sic] I'm not a phony like many of them!"

Strange for Hernandez to call anyone else a "phony." He murdered a man (and allegedly two others) while signing a contract extension and claiming he wanted to "live like a Patriot." He appears to have been living a double-life while in New England. Sounds like the very definition of a "phony."

It's also strange for Hernandez to decry Kraft for a lack of "loyalty," along with pretty much everyone in the world that he claims was duped by the "bumb[sic]-ass media" that he believes will prevent him from ever getting a fair trial. His mind is clearly warped by his apparent criminal instincts. If I've learned anything from my astute research on The Sopranos and The Wire, it's that many sociopaths have a bizarre sense of "loyalty" that they put above all else and accuse you of breaching if you don't go along with all the crime. In my opinion, it's fair to put that label on Hernandez, in light of this letter and the fact that he is already a convicted murderer.

Hernandez also offered advice for the "fake fans" (who really just aren't fans of convicted murderers, which Hernandez is) to commit suicide in gruesome ways, such as making their heads explode with firecrackers or tying a cinderblock to their ankles and jumping into a "deep body of water." But he wasn't all negative; he took some words to (crudely) compliment Brady and his other former Patriots teammates.

"The closest [teammate] I was with was probably Brady in whom [sic] I love to death and always will and only hope the best for them. But [I] was cool with Julez [Edelman], [Deion] Branch (I [expletive] with and got mad love for) and 'the BEST TE ever to walk on a football field' GRONK!" the letter read.

Hernandez mentioned in the letter that he has a TV in his cell and can watch Patriots games when they are on. If it helps convince him he's still a football player and didn't do things that he's already been convicted of doing - like, you know, murdering a guy - more power to him.

It's unlikely that Mr. Kraft will lose any sleep over this letter. He can rest well knowing that Hernandez slapped whatever "loyalty" and "love" existed out of Mr. Kraft's hands the second he allegedly pulled that trigger in 2012, and certainly when he left Odin Lloyd to die in cold blood.

Disclaimer: This article was updated to clarify that Aaron Hernandez was convicted of first-degree murder in 2015 ... And also that I'm no murder expert.

Matt Dolloff is a writer for His opinions do not necessarily reflect that of CBS or 98.5 The Sports Hub. Follow him on Twitter @mattdolloff and email him at

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