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Aaron Hernandez Most Googled Athlete, Boston Marathon Most Googled Event Of 2013

BOSTON (CBS) -- With the 2013 calendar year nearing its end, Google released information this week on its top searches of the year. Two Boston sports-related items topped two separate lists, though not for ideal reasons.

Atop the list of athletes who were searched for the most was Aaron Hernandez, the former Patriots tight end who was arrested and charged with murder. Behind Hernandez was Adrian Peterson, whose 2-year-old son was allegedly killed by a man in South Dakota in October. No. 3 was Lousiville basketball player Kevin Ware, who suffered a grotesque leg injury in the spring that drew in those with morbid curiosity.

The fourth-most Googled athlete was Jason Collins, the former Celtics player who came out as gay in Sports Illustrated in May. Rounding out the top five was Oscar Pistorius, the South African amputee runner who was charged with murdering his girlfriend.

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Google also categorized the most-searched events, and the Boston Marathon was atop the list, after two bombs exploded near the finish line in April. Behind the marathon on the list were the government shutdown, the MTV Video Music Awards, the Oklahoma tornado and the birth of the royal baby.

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