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32 Cats Living In 'Deplorable Filth' Removed From NH Home

HOOKSETT, N.H. (CBS) – Staff of the New Hampshire SPCA removed 32 cats and one bird from a Hooksett home where a resident is suspected of hoarding.

NHSPCA officials say the animals were living in "deplorable filth" and the majority of them were not vaccinated.

Hoarding Cat
A Hooksett, N.H., cat. (Image Credit: New Hampshire SPCA)

The owner of the cats had previously been given the chance to rectify the animals' living conditions by getting them up to date on shots and bringing them for a veterinary checkup.

But the woman did not comply, according to the NHSPCA, and on Wednesday the animals were removed from the home.

The NHSPCA is currently monitoring the animals and will put them up for adoption once they are determined to be healthy and vaccinated.

The cats were suffering from health concerns such as flea infestation, lack of socialization and upper respiratory infection. It is also believed that several of the female cats are pregnant.

Hoarding Cat
32 cats and 1 bird were removed from a Hooksett home. (Image Credit: New Hampshire SPCA)

"Even those that are reasonably healthy will need a significant amount of care," said Lisa Dennison, Executive Director of the New Hampshire SPCA.  "Before being ready for adoption, they will need spay/neuter surgery, a series of shots and tests, and time to recover and return to their true personalities apart from their neglect.  We hope that soon, they will be available to find a new home where they will be cared for and loved."

The NHSPCA is asking the public for donations of non-clumping kitty litter, cat food and canned food.

Anyone interested in helping with the cost of the animals' care can find more information on how to donate by visiting the NHSPCA website.


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