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10 Questions With Greg Bedard: Biggest Tool Bag Defensive Player In NFL?

BOSTON (CBS) -- With Greg Bedard in studio for his weekly visit, Felger & Mazz hit the Sports Illustrated writer with 10 questions from around the NFL.

Here are the questions, and you can get all of Bedard's answers in the video above.

10. How was the Kam Chancellor interception on Sunday ruled a catch but not Odell Beckham's catch vs. Patriots in Week 10?

9. Your thoughts on Mike Tomlin having the Steelers kick a field goal from the Seattle 3-yard line, down five with three minutes left?

8. How much of the Packers' problems are related to Aaron Rogers?

7. How do the Giants play the Patriots so well in Week 10 and then lose to Washington on Sunday?

"They need their backs against the wall, and then they start to play," Bedard said of the Giants.

6. What do you think of Jeff Fisher?

"I think he's an average coach. They're a 500 team and they always will be."

5. Who is the biggest tool bag defensive player in the NFL?

"This one is a layup," said Bedard. "It's Greg Hardy."

Felger & Mazz agree, with Tony adding Ndamukong Suh and Adam "Pacman" Jones to the mix. Felger said we can't forget about Brandon Meriweather.

4. What was the most annoying thing about the Thanksgiving games: The endless Brett Favre coverage, Cam Newton's dance show or the Eagles' attempt at playing football?

3. Of all the teams who have gotten hot in the second half -- Kansas City, Houston, Chicago -- who do you take most seriously?

2. Should the Colts give Andrew Luck more time to come back with the way Matt Hasselbeck is playing?

"As soon as Luck is ready he is back. Hasselbeck has been a great story and showed that Luck needs to play within the offense and not take it upon himself," said Bedard. "But Hasselback hasn't really beaten anybody."

1. Who will have the first pick in the 2017 NFL draft?

"I have two teams: The Saints, because I don't know if Drew Brees is going to be there and they're in serious cap trouble, and the 49ers. [San Francisco] is going downhill."

Bedard and Tony Massarotti also gave their 3 Up and 3 Down from New England's loss to the Denver Broncos:

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