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You Can Buy One Of Catherine Pugh's 'Healthy Holly' Books For Over $32K On Amazon

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Former Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh will spend three years in prison on charges stemming from her "Healthy Holly" book scandal.

Now, someone has put up a used copy of one of her children's books on Amazon for thousands of dollars.

"Healthy Holly: Exercising is Fun" is up for sale on Amazon for $32,924.03.

The price went up from $19,560.41.

Credit: Amazon

The copy is just one of the self-published children's books she sold to nonprofits and foundations, including Kaiser Permanente.

If you don't have that kind of cash, her book of poems and prose "Mind Garden: Where Thoughts Grow," is priced at $199.59.

From 2011 through 2018, the University of Maryland Medical System had a deal with Pugh, spending $500,000 for 100,000 copies of the "Healthy Holly" series.

As part of the judge's sentence, all government copies of the books have to be destroyed- so there's no certainty on how many copies will be left.

She was sentenced early Thursday afternoon for conspiracy to fraud the U.S. government, tax evasion and wire fraud.


The time she will serve is somewhere in between the five years prosecutors had asked for and one year and one day her lawyers had pushed for.

Ebay is also selling some copies of her books, listed between $100 and $190.

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