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The heat and humidity experienced Tuesday across much of the Northeast and the mid-Atlantic states certainly isn't unheard of during early-September.

Gusty breeze is going to deliver some welcome drier air, and dewpoint temperatures that were in the upper 60s to near 70 Tuesday afternoon should roll back into the mid and upper 50s this afternoon.

Therefore, even though it'll be fairly sunny from midday and still quite warm with most air temperatures in the mid and upper 80s, it should not be as hot, nor will it be as humid as Tuesday was.

And, of course, the balance of the afternoon and evening hours will also be rain-free.

We should be dry Wednesday night and also Thursday, as a bubble of high pressure continues to slide across the Northeast's interior before it drifts into the Atlantic on Friday. The return flow of air on the back side of the high-pressure system will bring light south and southeasterly winds to the coastal plain on Friday too.

And,with temperatures expected to soar into the upper 80s across South Jersey, near Philadelphia and in the Delmarva Peninsula, there'll probably be a tongue of moist air sufficient enough to help fuel spotty, late-day thunderstorms. In fact, we can envision a scenario where the radar will start to light up along the coast by 4 or 5 p.m., and some of the rain could sneak as far north as New York City or Long Island before night falls.

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