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The Personalities Of Baltimore Ravens Tailgating Lots

Whether you're seeking a replacement tailgating crowd or are just brand new to the Ravens party scene, rest assured that there are plenty of lively lots to choose from. But with all the options, finding the perfect purple pride can also be overwhelming. Skip out on the stress and instead settle down to celebrate with these insights on the varied personalities of Baltimore's best tailgating lots.

Seasoned Fan Lots

Since M&T Bank Stadium lots are always sold in advance to season ticket holders, having access to tailgate in these permit-only lots will unite you with many fans that are in it for the long haul. All the stadium lots, which are A-H, J-N, MM, NN, ENG and SWH (South Warehouse), not only allow spirited tailgating practices, but are also within close walking distance come game time. Gaining entry to any of these lots offers a priceless opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the scene by experienced tailgaters, as well as share in their recollections of great past stories and historical game moments. But again, tailgating in any of these lots is by permit only – cash holders seeking a similar experience should try the ABC Rental (or Staples) lot instead.

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Wildest Lots

If you're seeking the most intense tailgating experience, look no further. Lot H has gained a healthy reputation for hosting the wildest parties with Lot G trailing close behind. Perhaps not coincidentally, these two lots also allow RV and camper parking, which means fan vans galore. The advantage of traveling in groups means less designated drivers needed and larger, more energetic fans that are ready to party the minute they step off the bus. These hot lots have also been designated as an ultimate grilling destination. After all, great beer must be balanced with even better food.

Family, Kid & Commuter Friendly Lots

Are you seeking the perfect place to play games and enjoy delicious food while passing the fellowship of tailgating on to the next generation of fans? Lots B and C are two of the most family friendly tailgating areas and boast convenient access to the AAA Ravens Walk (connecting Orioles Park to M&T Bank Stadium). Kids especially love to take a run up and down the AAA Ravens Walk after piling on the spirit at the face painting tent. But any fan can count on tons of purple action from live pre-game entertainment and hip DJs to big-screen TVs broadcasting the latest sports updates. Plus, for those arriving by foot or light rail, the AAA Ravens Walk is the best way to still experience tailgating without all the extra baggage. This hassle-free substitute can also be perfect training for the novice tailgater. Lastly, moms and kids should be sure to check out the booths for the Ravens Rookies, a fan club for kids, or Purple, the official female fan base.

Hardcore Fan Lot

While there is no shortage of die-hard Ravens fans sprinkled throughout every lot, Lot O carries the most famous fanatics with tailgating profiles like "Fan Man" and the "Bus Boys" – who are a regular and much-anticipated appearance every game. After a "victory" tour around the stadium and nearby tailgating areas to pump up fans and scare visitors into a quiet submission, the infamous Fan Bus arrives back to Lot O to get the party started. Another benefit of this lot is that it contains plenty of spaces, which is a big plus when considering the crowds that form when trying to take pictures of such fanatic sightings. Rumor also has it that Lot O has enlisted off-duty police to patrol the lot and prevent theft. While certainly a perk, a smart tailgater always plays it safe by never leaving valuable gear unattended or heading to a game without packing up first.

Special Needs Lot

For fans that require extra assistance when walking to the stadium, opt for tailgate parking in Lots B, C and R. Unlike other stadium lots that are by permit only, no permits are required in advance to gain access for disabled parking spaces. However, like all parking spots, they are available on a first-come, first-served basis making early arrival a crucial consideration. A state-issued disabled placard or license plate must be displayed in order to gain access to the parking spaces. Further, the registered owner needs to be in the vehicle.

While this article only has space to highlight some of the personalities found in tailgating lots around Baltimore, there are certainly many more out there that deserve recognition. Just add your tailgating lot experiences to the comments section below for all Ravens fans to benefit from.

Happy Tailgating!

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Keri Ann Beazell is a Baltimore writer following the latest developments in arts and culture, natural wonders, lifestyle and football. Follow her on Twitter at @KtBlue16 and online at

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