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Tax-free holiday begins for back-to-school shopping

Tax-free holiday begins for back-to-school shopping
Tax-free holiday begins for back-to-school shopping 01:55

BALTIMORE -- Shoppers, get ready for some savings. Maryland's Tax-Free Week is here.

All this week, shoppers won't have to pay Maryland's 6% sales tax on certain clothing items and shoes $100 dollars or less. 

The first $40 dollars of any backpack purchase will be tax-free, too.

This is good news for parents across the state getting ready to send their kids back-to-school.

"Parents that really don't have a lot, it gives them an opportunity to get what the kids need," Towson resident Alyssa Eason said. "Get them through, at least, the first couple weeks of school."

WJZ spoke with Comptroller Peter Franchot about Tax-Free Week. He said the savings draws people to stores.

"We have a very slow shopping week in August and it's been turned into a very vigorous, robust shopping week by forgiving the 6% sales tax," Franchot said.

Franchot said retailers usually offer discounts this time of year as well, which could be good for people who have been struggling to shop due to rising prices and inflation.

He said all of this shopping also brings a much-needed boost to the state.

"With all the uncertainty about recessions and inflation, volatility in the economy. and everything you read in the newspaper, it's an opportunity to really help and give a shot in the arm to the state's economy," Franchot said.

It's important to note that tax-free week isn't just for back to school. These savings are for anyone.

"I do have a new grandbaby, so that makes that a plus," Baltimore resident Angela McCarty said. "Still, even if she's not going to school, I can still buy more clothes for her."

You still have some time to save plenty of money on sales tax. Tax-Free Week runs through Saturday.

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