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Tax Day: Those Who Owe Wait To The Last Minute To File

BALTIMORE (WJZ)—There are estimates that 20-30 percent of us wait until the last minute to file our taxes.

As Mike Schuh found out, many people have similar reasons for waiting.

At the state office building, you're looking at a line 10 deep.

Those like Vita Taggart owe money. People like her tend to wait.

She says she owes $1,440 and is not paying it all upfront.

"No, I'm paying a portion," she said. "I'm retired."

A missing federal form is keeping Paula Harris from a refund.

She called first but "Well, I feel I could have gotten that information about what to bring over the phone. When I called, they just said 'Miss, get on down here now,'" Harris said.

She's on her way back home.

Of the 2.8 million people who file in Maryland, 100,000 will file April 15. Many owe money.

Derrek Walker owes $2,800, so it's obvious why he's waited until the last day. He's filing for an extension.

"Yeah, it wasn't easy, wasn't easy," Walker said.

Not all the people waiting until April 15 are on the other side of the window.

Bravely perhaps, on tax day, the taxman visits his customers in his offices in Washington, D.C. and Baltimore.

"Well, it's not the happiest day for them.  I'm one of the very few people who enjoys tax day," said State Comptroller Peter Franchot.

And amidst all the anxiety about owing, filing, needing extensions, we had one final question for the comptroller:  "Have you filed yours yet?"

"It's going in," Franchot said. "My accountant files it. Always waits until the last minute."

There you have it. Even the comptroller is a last-minute filer.

It's still possible to file for a penalty-free six-month extension. If you'd like to do that, click here.

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