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Storm's Impact Still Being Felt 48 Hours Later

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- The sun is shining, but it's not providing much relief from the cold.

Rick Ritter has more on how people are dealing with the weekend storm and the cold weather.

Slick roads, countless snow piles and a massive cleanup. After Saturday's hard-hitting storm, Baltimore is desperate to get back to a sense of normalcy.

"It was a rough one for just about everybody," said Valerie Burnette, SHA.

But it wasn't a good start for Canisha Drew, who spent her morning stuck in this mess, waiting for a tow truck.

"It's been about 30 minutes I've been out here, waiting," Drew said.

Others abandoned their cars Saturday.

"Three hours, then finally I had to walk home," said Wallace Clayton.

"We tried to warn folks not to go out in it but unfortunately a lot of folks did," Burnette said.

City officials say they removed more than 150 cars along the roadways and towed dozens of others parking during peak hour restrictions---all because of Mother Nature.

"Whether they were disabled or just tired of being stuck in traffic, it caused major traffic jams throughout Baltimore City," said Kathy Dominick, Baltimore City Department of Transportation.

The effects are lingering throughout the state. Some schools were even delayed once again due to the icy conditions, like Chapel Hill Elementary, where sidewalks were simply dangerous.

It was one dig out too many as Baltimore counts down the days to spring.

"I'm so ready for spring, spring break, summer," Drew said. "I can't wait."

Baltimore County schools released a statement saying they were dealing with dropping temperatures all day, which is why they've had issues with their sidewalks. It's the same problems many have had. Because the sidewalks are icy and slushy, many people are choosing to walk in the street instead. Motorists are asked to be careful because of this.

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