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Steve Davis: No Issues With Giving Up Draft Pick For Jimenez

There has been a fair amount made of the Orioles saying they want to grow their farm system to stock their major league team but then giving up a first rounder to sign Jimenez. I do think that is what helped get Jimenez, that a lot of teams didn't want to do it.

That said, this is not like giving up a first rounder in the NFL, where, at the very least, the guy will start for you for a few years, and might even make some Pro Bowls. Totally different story in MLB.

We looked at all the players drafted in the 17th spot (which is what the Orioles are losing) since 1998. Do you know how many have been All-Stars, just two: Cole Hamels and Brad Lidge, and they were selected back in 2002 and 1998. Most of the players selected in the 17th slot you have never heard of before. 1999-Rick Asadoorian. Remember him? Of course, you don't. He toiled in the minors for 12 years and never played in the majors. Ditto for 2001's Dan Denham, 2005's CJ Henry and 2009's AJ Pollock. These guys never made it to the majors.

Ben Diggins, picked in 2000, played in the bigs in 2002, and that's it. Matt Antonelli from 2006 got a cup of coffee in 2008.

There were a few others that have played in the majors, but never have been major contributors. My point is, the Orioles really didn't lose much in a future prospect by signing Jimenez.

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