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Steve Davis: Flacco's Coming Out Party

Let's try to keep Monday's win in perspective. My phone has been ringing off the hook from buddies out of town who saw the game Monday night and say "I never knew how good Flacco was." I think he played a very good game. He has played other very good games. He's a good quarterback.

That said, let's see more than just one game. Let's see what happens when the Ravens fall behind. Let's see when it's the Ravens that turn it over. The game out of hand because the Bengals turned it over twice. Part of that was because of the pressure from the Baltimore offense. I know everyone talks about the Bengals as if they're something special. Hold on. They finished 9-7 last year, not 14-2. They didn't beat a single team with a winning record, and lost to a Texans team quarterbacked by TJ Yates.

I thought this was a great performance by Flacco. Let's see if it becomes a habit

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