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Steve Davis: Feldman Trade Is Good One

I like the trade for Scott Feldman. He should help the Orioles. This isn't a barnburner, but it should make them better.

Chicago Cubs v Milwaukee Brewers
(Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images)

Somehow, the Orioles are hanging in the playoff race with the 27th best ERA in baseball. That's 27 out of 30 teams. Feldman is an upgrade over the hodge-podge of 5th starters they have had. That doesn't mean the Orioles might not look back one day and say they wish they still had Arrieta or Strop.

They each will likely pitch better in the National League Central than they did in the AL East. It is easier to pitch there. Less overpowering teams and no DH. However, they were the classic "need a change of scenery" guys.

Feldman should be able to eat some innings, save the bullpen and win some games. In fact, the way Hammel is pitching, Feldman might even be an upgrade over him right now. And if Gausman comes around, there is nothing to say that Feldman can't help you in the bullpen later in the year.

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