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Spongebob Fans Disappointed After Petitioning Maroon 5 To Play 'Sweet Victory' During Super Bowl LIII Halftime Show

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The answer- kind of? Not really.

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The reality of the much-rumored Spongebob cameo was a short voiceover that introduced Travis Scott as he came out to perform his part of the halftime show.

Some people were disappointed, to say the least.

With the passing of Stephen Hillenburg, the creator of Spongebob Squarepants, fans decided to come together and start a petition for "Sweet Victory" to be incorporated into the Super Bowl LIII's half-time show.

The song entered the hearts of many when it aired in a 2001 episode of the long-running Nickelodeon show, where the show's characters performed at the halftime of the Bubble Bowl, a championship football game that plays on the Super Bowl.

The episode, as well as the song, have been pretty much a pop culture mainstay ever since. Take a look at the iconic song here:

"Sweet Victory" Performance ???? Band Geeks | SpongeBob by SpongeBob SquarePants Official on YouTube


The petition gathered more than 1.2 million signatures and support online over the last few months.

The petition reads: "As some of you may or may not know, Stephen Hillenburg—the creator of Spongebob Squarepants—has passed away recently. As a tribute to his legacy, his contributions to a generation of children, and to truly showcase the greatness of this song, we call for Sweet Victory to be performed at the Halftime Show,"

While nothing was confirmed, there were some nods to the idea in the last few months. Mercedes-Benz Stadium even tweeted out a GIF from the "Band Geeks" episode of Spongebob in December.

Maroon 5 also put Spongebob into their preview video last month. He isn't in there for long- just a flash in between other shots- but we see him! He's there! Why?

According to a CBS Sports report, Rodger Bumpass, the voice actor behind Spongebob character Squidward, announced he'll be recording a "very short piece" for the Super Bowl because Squidward will be introducing the halftime entertainment.

We now know the "very short piece" was for Travis Scott, so some parts to the theories did turn out to be true.

So, better than nothing?

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