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Ravens Officials: We Gave Talking Points To Ray Rice, Not Janay

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Renewed controversy in the Ray Rice domestic assault case. Wednesday night, the Ravens disputed claims made by Rice's wife Janay that the team asked her to apologize for her role in the incident.

Christie Ileto has more on this new war of words.

No one was expecting Janay Rice to say this back in May:

"I do deeply regret the role that I played in the incident that night," she said.

The 12 word apology was heard across the country after TMZ released video in September showing her then-fiance, Ravens running back Ray Rice, punching her in a casino elevator.

In a candid interview with the Today show Monday, she claims the Ravens recommended she apologize.

"They suggested it, yes," she said. "Not specifically; they just gave us a general script."

She also told ESPN the Ravens gave her a "suggested script."

"When we were going in, we were given what to speak about; it wasn't truly coming from us," Rice said.

But the Ravens are firing back, saying they gave talking points to Ray Rice before the May 23 press conference and, after offering to provide Janay with talking points, they were told she already knew what she wanted to say.

Kevin Bryne with the team says "At no time before May 23 did we provide talking points or a suggested script to Janay," adding "We did not recommend or suggest to Ray or Janay that she apologize in any way."

Rice won his appeal last week after being suspended indefinitely from the NFL but it appears the feud between the couple and the team is far from over.

With the Ravens' statement, they included a list of the talking points they shared with Ray Rice. Those include:

• I Take Full Responsibility For What Happened That Night. I Apologize…(list all you want to address)

• We Will Not Let This One Night Define Who We Are

• I Was Wrong. I Made a Mistake.

• I Regret My Behavior. I'm Embarrassed.

• I Hold Myself to a Higher Standard and I Failed.

• We Can Do Something Going Forward By Admitting Our Mistakes and Making Sure We Serve as an Example of Doing the Right Things

• I Have Been Busted Up Over My Behavior. I've Been in Anguish. That Is Not the Way I Was Raised. I Am So Sorry Mom…And Janay's Family

• I Pride Myself On Being a Good Example and Role Model to Younger People. I Failed Miserably

• Janay and I Are in Counseling, and We Will Continue This. We are Determined to, as Coach Harbaugh Says, Make This Right…COUNSELING HAS BEEN GREAT FOR ME AND US. I'VE TAKEN STEPS TO BE A BETTER HUSBAND, FATHER AND ROLE MODEL.

• I Completely Understand Any Person, Group or Company That Wants to Distance Themselves From Me. That's My Fault. I Am Working to Re-Build That Trust, Especially With Young People Who Look Up to Me

• I Am Working To Be the Best Person I Can Be. We Are Working Together.

• We Are Building to Be the Best Partners We Can Be to Each Other and the Best Parents We Can Be to Rayven

• Thank you

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