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Police Pursuit Ends With Crash In Southwest Baltimore

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- A dangerous drive through Baltimore City and two counties, as police track a driver who just won't stop. It all ends with a spectacular crash and suspects in custody. Police say the pursuit may have saved a woman's life.

Derek Valcourt with how it started.

Police say it started as a possible suspected abduction. There was speeding and lots of dangerous driving. Amazingly, no one was hurt.

Sky Eye Chopper 13 was over the high-speed chase that began when patrol officers heard and saw a woman in the back seat of the car screaming for help.

Police pursued the car, as the car sped into Anne Arundel County and Baltimore County and then onto busy highways before going back into Southwest Baltimore.

The chase lasted more than 25 minutes.

One of the two men in the car ran, but was quickly captured on nearby Christian Street.

The driver of the car kept going.

Detectives yanked the driver out of the car and arrested him.

The woman was found in the back seat uninjured. She's being questioned.

The mayor and police commissioner are praising the patrol officers who started the chase and the detectives who helped end it, saying they saved the woman's life.

"There's no doubt. You're not going to run from the police for 25 minutes if you're not hell bent on doing someone harm. We're just here tonight because we're very proud of them," said Interim Police Commissioner Kevin Davis, Baltimore Police Department.

The commotion drew plenty of neighbors, like Tabitha Weaver, who saw the chase end steps from her front door.

"It's very scary because a lot of us have children around here," she said.

The suspect's car collided with parked cars. One of them belonged to Elbert Brown.

"I'm just glad I wasn't in the car. I'm glad nobody was hurt," he said.

The investigation continues.

WATCH: Sky Eye Chopper 13 Over High-Speed Chase

No word yet on how that woman ended up in the back seat of the car or what kind of relationship, if any, she has with the two men who are now in custody.

Police say they expect to release more details Friday morning.

Police Commissioner Kevin Davis also credited the police foxtrot helicopter with helping track the suspects from the sky, allowing patrol cars on the ground to pursue from a safe distance.

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