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OIG: Baltimore Police Officer Who Lost Law Enforcement Powers In 2002 Maintained Same Salary

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- A Baltimore police officer who permanently lost their law enforcement powers nearly two decades ago still collected their regular salary and maintained the collective bargaining rights of a normal cop with a badge, according to a new report by the Office of the Inspector General.

From fiscal year 2016 to fiscal year 2020, the officer made nearly $600,000, of which more than $158,000 was overtime.

A complaint to the Office of the Inspector General alleged the officer received preferential treatment for overtime with the Building Security Unit, even though they were assigned to the Quartermaster's Unit, the report said.

In a written response to the report, Police Commissioner Michael Harrison said the officer's status is similar to officers who are medically able to return to service and have to leave the department. The officer was terminated effective August 1, Harrison said.

The job description for a police officer "includes performing duties such as maintaining order, detaining and arresting suspects, serving arrest warrants and summonses, and testifying in court," as well as protecting life and property in the city, the OIG report said.

Hired in 1990, the unnamed officer was placed on administrative duty in 1993 following "an off-duty incident."

The officer returned to duty the following year, but with their law enforcement powers suspended until another administrative hearing could be held.

That didn't take place until 2002, "at the conclusion of other related investigations," the report said. At that time, the officer was allowed to remain employed by the Baltimore Police Department but without the ability to make arrests, carry a service weapon and wear a badge.

Nevertheless, the officer continued to collect the same salary as officers with law enforcement powers.

According to the OIG, the duties of the officer could have been carried out by a civilian employee with a salary with an annual salary of $44,518. In fiscal year 2020, the officer made $92,548, the report said.

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