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Conference Held In Baltimore Is Educating Teachers Coding Techniques With Drones And Robots

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Who said educators had to stick with books for their lesson plans? Instead, one group of Baltimore teachers are deciding to use a different form of technology.

Whether it's on the ground or in the air, technology is changing all around us. That includes how we learn- after all, it's 2019, so why not have drones and robots be part of the process?

Inside the Baltimore Convention Center, it's the educators themselves who are learning in order to teach the students of tomorrow. Drones are being used as a presentation to introduce computer coding and STEM concepts in the classroom.

The National At-Risk Education Network Tranzed Conference wants to change how learning is done.

"We have to stop avoiding technology and embrace it," Principal of the Children's Guild of Baltimore LaRon Martin said. "Kids come hardwired with technology ready to go. We have to embrace it in the classroom to support educational learning so the more tips and tools in the 21st century to support kids learning, let's do it."

It's not just drones, however. Powered by smartphones, mini-robots are the new lesson plan for math, science and language arts.

"It's learning to code, but also keeping the curriculum at the forefront and then having the kids play, engineer and design," Leah Lacrosse, a teacher, said.

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